You've completed the writing. Or have you? Now you need someone to edit it to make sure it's as good as it can be. Wouldn't it be a shame to waste all that effort if the work makes a bad first impression because of mistakes and weaknesses?

Is it saying what you want it to say?

Is it clear and easy to understand?

Will it get the desired response from the reader/s?

Is it in the right 'voice', e.g. friendly and conversational, or formal and businesslike? 

Is it structured well and logically, making it pleasurable to read?

Are the spelling, formatting, grammar and punctuation correct? 

These are all my specialties as an editor and copy editor. I guarantee that any text or copy you've written will read so much better once I've edited it.

As a professional writer, I edit my own work as an integral part of the process. An essential part of this is to adopt different voices, styles and formats to suit in-house requirements of particular publications.

just pungo book.jpg

Books - I've had the privilege of editing the charming children's picture book, Just Pungo: three tales of true outback friendships, written by Els Van Poppel and illustrated by Kirsten Dale Cutler. The book is available in book stores in Australia or can be purchased at, where you can also find fun games for children as well as a teachers' guide.

2016 saw me editing Graham Perrett's third novel, The Solid Rock, published by Boolarong Press. Graham is the Federal Labor Member for Moreton. It was a great experience and I highly recommend the book! It follows on from The Twelfth Fish and The Big Fig.



Scripts - I've had great results as a script editor too, both professionally and as a tutor in Scriptwriting to students at the Griffith Film School in Brisbane. Please see the Scriptwriting page for further information.


Proofreading - also an important part of any documentation process.

Don't lose out on that all-important contract, job, customer or other goal you're aiming for which needs the writing to be of the highest standard. Have a professional go over your work before you present it.

Price guide:

Please note that every job is different and that this is a guide only. If the job is large, I will quote on the estimated price, which will be calculated on a project or daily basis rather than by the hour.

Editing: $50.00 per hour (rewriting where necessary, plus copy editing and proofreading)

Copy Editing: $45.00 per hour (proofreading plus checking for specifics such as style, continuity, formatting, clarity and flow)

Students receive 15% discount for academic essays