As a film and TV reviewer and entertainment journalist, I've spoken to interesting people over the years - Russell Crowe, Ben Elton, Kevin Spacey, Olivia Newton-John...even Elmo!

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I was the main film reviewer for Brisbane street paper, Rave Magazine, for seven years and the daily TV reviewer for The Courier-Mail newspaper for eleven years, so I've had a lot of experience putting my opinions on paper.

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Arts and entertainment journalism became my forte but I was also published several times with personal opinion pieces in the Courier-Mail's Perspectives column.

Since becoming a mum in 2002, I've had a whole new avenue of personal experiences to draw on (and exploit!) and have had pieces published in national magazines such as AustralianMother and Baby, and the 'Child' magazines (Brisbane's Child, Sydney's Child etc.), as well as overseas publications, My ChildMalaysia and Emirates Magazine.

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If you need a professional journalist to write a feature article - whether you publish/edit your own publication or are an individual who wants to get the word out and just don't have the skills yourself - I can help you.    

Don't leave it to chance. The best person to write is a writer.

Price guide: Publications usually have their own set standards of payment by the number of words. Each individual job can be negotiated.